Incipit is a word that means a new beginning. Devoré Incipit is exactly that: the introduction and the beginning of a beautiful story in men’s tailoring and fashion. While Devoré Incipit has produced the finest quality in men’s pants for more than 60 years, its emergence on the global stage brings a refreshing incipit in luxury design and fashion. As the mecca of world fashion, Italy is known for its preeminence in offering high quality garments. Devoré Incipit is no exception.

The expansive array of men’s pants are created with the finest fabrics and designed by some of the greatest designers in Italy. The allure of the beautiful seaside city of Naples is the inspiration interwoven into each thread of each garment.

No detail has been left to chance: from the silk label, patented design waistbands, to the horn buttons. Devoré Incipit doesn’t simply create men’s trousers; rather, we create unique pieces that confidently take their place in the timeless collection of a man’s wardrobe.
Devorè Incipit is a DEFRA SRL project that focuses on excellence and refinement for the creation of a unique product. From the expertise and cultural background accumulated over the decades, a project was born that aims to create something new in the men’s fashion scene.
Elegance and comfort coexist in the Devoré Incipit project. The brand’s mission is to create a timeless product that improves the quality of life of the consumer: this is the new luxury the project aims at.
Tradition, deep roots, a multicultural approach, knowledge and experience, a fixed gaze on the future: through these elements, the Devorè Incipit project aims to communicate the Italian culture of clothing. Through a reinterpretation of contemporary reality, seen with eyes shaped by a stratified culture, new interpretations of the needs of the future consumer are sought.